Publications – Full List

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Guest Publication – Aug 2019

The Village Pub Today: Continuity, Change and the life of the publican

  1. Arts and Ethnography in a contemporary world: From learning to social participation. Edited by Lígia Ferro and David Poveda
  2. Ethnographic Writing – Edited by Bob Jeffrey and Lisa Russell (2018)
  3. The implications of ‘New Populism’ for Education, Edited by Yalız Akbaba and Bob Jeffrey – (2017)
  4. The Postmodern Professional, edited by Karen Borgnakke, Marianne Dovemark and Sofia Marques da Silva (2017)
  5. An Ethnography of Multilingualism in Early Education – Claudia Seele (2016)
  6. The benefits, problems and issues of comparative and cross-cultural research: Ethnographic Perspectives. Edited by Bettina Fritzsche and Christina Huf (2015) Out of Print
  7. Identity and social interaction in a multi-ethnic classroom – Ruth Barley (2014)
  8. Learning care lessons: Literacy, love, care and solidarity – Maggie Feeley – 2014
  9. The Primary School in Testing Times:  A classic ethnography of a creative, community engaged, entrepreneurial and performative school.  – Bob Jeffrey (2014)
  10. Performativity in Education:  An international collection of ethnographic research on learners’ experiences – Edited by Annette Rasmussen, Jan Gustafsson and Bob Jeffrey (2014)  Out of Print
  11. Bullied into it: Bullying, power and the ‘conduct of conduct’ – Paul Horton (2012)
  12. Learner biographies and learning cultures: Identity and apprenticeship in England and Germany – Michaela Brockmann – 2013
  13. Performativity in UK Education: Ethnographic cases of its effects, agency and reconstructions – Edited by Bob Jeffrey and Geoff Troman 2012 – Out of Print
  14. Young people’s influence and democratic education: Ethnographic studies in upper secondary schools – editors Elisabet Öhrn, Lisbeth Lundahl and Dennis Beach – 2011
  15. Understanding Pupil Resistance- Integrating Gender, Ethnicity and Class: An educational ethnography – Lisa Russell – 2011 Out of Print
  16. Ritual and Identity: The staging and performing of rituals in the lives of young people – Christoph Wulf – 2010
  17. Performing English with a postcolonial accent: Ethnographic narratives from Mexico – Angeles Clemente and Michael J. Higgins – 2008
  18. How to do Educational Ethnography – Edited by Geoffrey Walford – 2008
  19. Creative Learning Practices: European Experiences – Edited by Bob Jeffrey – 2007
  20. Education and the Commodity Problem: Ethnographic Investigations of Creativity and Performativity in Swedish Schools – Dennis Beach and Marianne Dovemark – 2007
  21. Researching Education Policy: Ethnographic Experiences – Geoff Troman, Bob Jeffrey, Dennis Beach – 2006